Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's been awhile

Wow, havent posted since Jan of last year. I need to get back to it. We are doing good. Parker is in 5th grade, Molly is in 10th and Macey is 4 and in preschool. Parker is doing boyscouts and really liking it. Macey is loving preschool. Molly is doing FFA, soon to be Tennis and Soccer. She is doing great. I was going to post some pics but I have a different computer and so far only have a pic of Macey. I will take some of the family tomorrow and post them.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Parker's surprise

The pastor at the church where Parker goes to youth group told the local fire department about Parker. The fire department was going around to kids with special needs and bringing Santa to them. I knew Parker would absolutly love it! The day they called I told Parker that a surprise was coming for him. I didn't tell him it would be Santa and some firefighters. Firefighters would be more exciting than Santa, but he would be a close second. When the time came, Bobbys cousin texed us. She was playing Mrs. Claus and dating a fireman, lol. We saw the lights on the firetruck pull up and we went to the door. Santa, Mrs. Claus and a couple fireman walked up to the door. You should have seen him light up! He was so excited. He didn't know who to talk to first and kind of hid behind me. After a while he warmed up to them and talked their ear off. They brought teddy bears and candy for the kids. It really renewed my Christmas spirit. They took some good pictures but mine weren't as good. I'll post some when I can. Here is the one I took.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A little different.....

I always thought Parker was pretty mild with his autism. I mean, he isn't severe but he isn't Aspbergers. When I see him at home or at school, he seems only slightly different. Lately I've been taking him to a youth group with typical younger kids, younger than him, and I notice a big difference. I can't pinpoint how I feel when I notice this. Am I embarrased for him? For me? Am I wondering if it will change? Am I doubting my not fully mainstreaming him? Maybe a little of most. I don't think I'm embarrased myself. He is my boy and I don't mind telling people he has autism. It's harder around younger kids sometimes because they don't know why he is acting the way he is. I don't know how to help him fit in there and I'm not sure if there is even time during the hour to really try and socalize him. The kids there seem really sweet and the pastor and teacher are awesome! The pastor himself has 2 kids with autism and really does anything to make him feel comfortable. In fact, he is thinking about starting a disability ministry at the chuch. I think he feels a little bit like I do with Parker as far as not noticing it as much until he's around all the other kids. There is also the learning about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. I wish I could tell what he understood and thinks. He asks me questions but I don't have half as many answers as I should. He thinks the Holy spirit is like the Christmas spirit and I'm not sure how to explain it to him. He does tell me he doesn't want to go to Heaven. He says it doesn't sound fun and he wants to know what God drives. The only way he would consider heaven was when I told him there were firefighters there, lol. Anyways, between him laying under the table, raising his hand and then not having a question, not liking any of the treats they hand out, talking during prayer and not wanting to do the group activities, I've seen him for who he is. He is a special guy that needs to be around typical peers more. He needs more modeling what to do and to keep trying. I see so much potential in him. We just need to know how to reach it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Beautiful rain

It's raining today and it's so nice. Macey is sleeping and the other 2 kids are at school. I just had coffee and a donut. Ahhhhhh. I feel like making bread or baking something. I should be looking over books and laws for my sons upcoming IEP. He is almost 10 and isn't reading yet. I'm proposing that he gets a one on one aid to help him learn to read. He is falling further and further behind his grade level and reading is the only way he can start catching up. Better get started. I just wanted to get on here and give my blog a new look. I hope everyones Monday is going great.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Make a wish!

"Good Morning" from "Bullfrogs and Butterflies"

Good morning!

Someone recomended this song from another blog. (Toys in the dryer). I love it! I've been waking the kids up singing it!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Where does he fit in?

I hate that I feel like there isn't a perfect class for Parker right now. In his current class he doesn't really fit in since most of the kids are more mature and a lot of them just have behavior issues. Then there is his old class with a new teacher whos never taught a special needs class and doesn't have her degree in it. Where does he fit in? I'm keeping him where he is for now but I hope something more fitting comes along but I doubt it. Sigh...